Thursday, October 28, 2010

Horsecrap, and then some techines

Two days post removal of my wisdom teeth - all four of the little buggers, not just the impacted bottom two - I'm finally experiencing the puffy chipmunk cheeks and "wom, wom, wom" jawbone throbbing sensation everyone has been promising me.  So here I am, package of peas-on-face, cutting out the soft innards of potato/cheddar pierogies so I can strategically mush them into tiny swallowable bits.

Aren't you thrilled to know that?  Please don't be alarmed; this sort of resplendent horsecrap is not the only thing I intend to shovel at you via this blog.  I also do lots of other neat tricks.  For instance:  as part of my seminary studies, I write updated versions of Jewish women's devotional literature, which I am bound by the terms of my syllabus to share with you on this here website.  Behold:  techines!  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Opening factoids

I would like to open this the same way most excellent and promising things begin:  with arbitrary lists and run-on sentences.  It would behoove me to share the following factoids:

1.  As of this semester, I am a bona fide theological student at a bona fide Unitarian seminary.  Hot damn!  A (spiritually) lucrative career in interfaith hospital handholding awaits me.  I am joyous, and I am petrified.  I am doing a LOT of reading.

2.  Five days ago, I got laid off from the therapeutic foster care group home around which my life has revolved like a rickety but well-meaning satellite for the past three years.  While this has been a frustrating and emotionally difficult process, it has resulted in the dissolving of most of my responsibilities (ie, being tethered 24/7, 365 to a rather unforgiving on-call assignment) and opened up my schedule for activities pertaining to having a healthy romantic and intellectual life.

I figure that if in five or ten years I looked back on this exciting/nail-biting chapter in my life and didn't have anything to show for it ("I Went to Seminary and All I Got Was This Master's Degree and a Life-Affirming Vocation" t-shirts, anyone?) I'd be disappointed.  I would wonder what the hell I was thinking, or not thinking, because there'd be no electronic periphrasis floating around to ensure myself that any of it actually happened.

In other words, I am looking for a way to validate my desire to exercise the single functional coping mechanism in my repertoire - and to have you read it.

So here we are, friends, whoever you are.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  I like you.